How You Can Help

In the six years we have been operating, Magarini has created amazing change at the local level, much of it funded personally by Emmanuel’s family and by local people donating resources and labour.

We are well-rooted in the community and now we are poised for growth. Over the next five years, we envision a well-equipped children’s centre, complete with library, computer lab, and much-needed staff housing. We also plan to expand the demo farm activities beyond the immediate area, to become a regional learning centre for sustainable farming.

Your caring and involvement are crucial. Please give generously.

Every dollar you give goes directly to care for the children and the demo farm. We have no administrative staff and minimal administrative costs (below 1 per cent).

We welcome volunteers who would like to support the Magarini Centre with their expertise and their time. If you would like to come and work with the children or on the farm, please contact us for more information.


We thank our funders for past and current support:

  • Asian Rural Institute (ARI) provides training Sustainable Agriculture for MOCI staff/volunteers
  • Chonya Investments Co Ltd from Kenya
  • Nufaika Foundation from Kenya
  • And many generous individual donors and church groups
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